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Last february we booked an italian tour for the MANIKINS from Sweden

They played Firenze, LasPezia, Fidenza (PR) and Trento. On sunday 19, they appeared as guests in a special episode of the POWERPOP TIME Radioshow, on Radio Onda D’Urto, by Luca Frazzi and Alessandro Tamarozzi, and played 4 acoustic songs. You can find the entire episode somewhere on Soulseek. Here you have two videos taken with my mobile phone. Both songs will feature in their upcomin album, first one is called “You’re bad when you want to”, don’t know the title of the second one (“Hangin’ for …something” I suppose…)
These guys know how to drink hard (of course, it wasn’t allowed to have beers in the studio, but anyway…)


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