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RADIO BAM! 10th season!
Every tuesday night 9pm - 10pm on Radio Onda D’urto
99.600 Mhz / 99.700 Mhz / Streaming

Playlist 04/10/16 Recorded at Joe Koala - “Modern Convenience”
Guest and Live in Studio: Modern Convenience

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Surfin’ Lungs - My Favourite Barista (preview! Otis LP)
Monkees - She Makes Me Laugh (digital)
Green Day - Bouncing Off The Wall (digital)
Mugwumps - The Reason (Striped 7”)
NOFX - I’m So Sorry Tony (Fat Wreck CD)
Jay Reatard - I Know A Place (Goner 7”)
Lost Sounds - And You Dance (In The Red LP)
Modern Convenience - Live at Joe Koala

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