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RADIO BAM! 4th season!
Every tuesday night 9pm - 10pm on Radio Onda D’urto
99.600 Mhz / 99.700 Mhz / Streaming

Playlist 18/01/11 - “We’re goin into Space”
Guests in Studio / on Telephone: Simone Riccobelli, The Photogenics

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Paul Collins Beat - C’mon Let’s Go (CD)
Death by Unga Bunga - Juvenile Jungle (Spoon Train CD)
Photogenics - Tentacles (demo)
Proton Packs - Apocalypse Camion (preview! Business CD)
Tough - Abduction UFO (El Topo LP)
Sensibles - I Still Miss You (demo)
Apers - Rocks in my Head (CD)
Methadones - Over the Moon (CD)
Reekys - Dad’s Gone Mental (7”)
Billy Bragg - Help Save the Youth of America (CD)
Caso - Fiato Corto (CD)
Mr. T Experience - She’s Coming Over (Lookout CD)
Parasites - Hang Up (Lookout CD)
Queers - This Sandal Shit Has Got to Stop (Lookout CD)
Bomb Bassets - Crying Crying Ctrying (Lookout CD)
20 Belows - What a Nightmare (Monster Zero CD)
Groovie Ghoulies - Valentine (Lookout CD)

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