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RADIO BAM! 4th season!
Every tuesday night 9pm - 10pm on Radio Onda D’urto
99.600 Mhz / 99.700 Mhz / Streaming

Playlist 04/01/11 - “Burgers for the new year!!”

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Davila 666 - Callejon (Burger Tape)
Apache - Outside (Burger LP)
Resonars - Riding Backwards (Burger LP)
Nobunny - Monster Kiss (Burger Tape)
Audacity - Power Drowning (Burger CD)
Little Medusas - Stuck on Planet Earth (demo)
Sensibles - Dave Dynamite (demo)
Kepi Ghoulie - Kids Go Go Go Crazy (CD)
Goodnight Loving - Into a Grape (Dirtnap LP)
Sugar Stems - Black & Blue (Bachelor LP)
John Wesley Coleman III - Lazy Baby (Goner CD)
Dwight Twilley - Ten Times (Burger LP)
Bombon - La Playa (Burger Tape)
Jaill - Snake Shakes (Sub Pop LP)
Conspiracy of Owks - A Silver Song (Burger Tape)

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