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RADIO BAM! 4th season!
Every tuesday night 9pm - 10pm on Radio Onda D’urto
99.600 Mhz / 99.700 Mhz / Streaming

Playlist 14/12/10 - “The Goodbye Episode”

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Parting Gifts - Keep Walkin (In the Red CD)
Bruce Springsteen - Ain’t Goin Enough for You (CD)
Golden Boys - Yankee Dollar (Alien Snatch LP)
Leeches - Goin Mad in Monaco (Tre Accordi LP)
King Mastino - Bad Moon (KM CD)
Caroline & the Treats - Chocolate Ice-Cream (House of Rock CD)
Gambe di Burro - Batticuore al Lunapark (CD)
Photogenics - Aces (demo)
Gentleman Jesse & his men - She’s a Trap (Douchemaster 7”)
Jaill - On the Beat (Sub Pop CD)
Langhorne Slim - I Love You, but Goodbye (Kemado LP)
Gambe di Burro - Pozione d’Amore (CD)
Sugar Stems - Goin’ Down (Bachelor LP)
Nostalgics - A Different Light (demo)
Assyrians - Bucaneer’s Memories (demo)
John Wesley Coleman - Bad Lady Goes to Jail (In the Red CD)

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