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RADIO BAM! is finally on air!!
Every monday night 9pm - 10pm on Radio Onda D’urto
99.600 Mhz / 99.700 Mhz / Streaming

Playlist 31/03/08 - “Next BAM! Shows”
Guest in Studio: Brown Lobotomy from Snazzy Boys

:: Download the Episode on Mp3 ::
Carbonas - Butcher (7”)
Uptown Bums - Just the Other Day (SYA 7”)
Black Rose Band - Hoochie Poochie (Contaminated 7”)
Snazzy Boys - Forgottan Rebels (unreleased)
Cute Lepers - The News is Always the Same (Damaged Goods CD)
Snazzy Boys - Rockin in the Streets (unreleased)
Cute Lepers - It’s Summertime Baby! (Damaged Goods CD)
Hellacopters - The Same Lame Story (Psychout 7”)
Black Rose Band - First Nite Out (unreleased)
Mark & the Spies - But i Do (Screaming Apple LP)
Black Lips - Italian Sexual Frustration (Vice 7”)
Hex Dispensers - Are You an Assassin (Alien Snatch LP)

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